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Enliva contains patented straings of bacteria that mayhelp maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Enliva complements diet and lifestyle for healthy people wanting to maintain normal cholesterol.

Suitable for:

– people looking for something to complement diet and lifestyle measures to support normal cholesterol levels

– people who have been recommended to modify diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy cholesterol level by their healthcare professional.

How Enliva works:

The Lactobacilli in Enliva may assist in maintaining normal cholesterol levels by:

1. Increasing the use of cholesterol by the liver.  The Lactobacilli promote the breakdown of bile salts which are then not available for reuse by the body and removed.  The liver takes cholesterol from the blood to make new bile salts.

2. Reducing the amount of cholesterol absorbed from diet. The Lactobacilli absorbs cholesterol which is then removed in normal digestive waste.


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