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Swisse Micellar Make Up Remover 300 mL

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Swisse Micellar Makeup Remover is a natural, gentle rinse-free makeup remover. Luxuriously formulated to effortlessly remove all traces of even the most stubborn, waterproof makeup.
Enriched with Micellar water and skin loving cucumber, this makeup remover is fragrance free and non-irritating, leaving your skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated.



✓ The ‘miracle’ cleanser: Originating in France, this type of cleanser is the ‘go to’ product for makeup artists across the world

✓ Non rinsing, soap free formula: Made from natural ingredients that enable skin decongestion and hydration

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin: Soap and irritant free, contains no harsh chemicals

✓ Micelles: Tiny oil molecules suspended in water, which have the perfect composition for trapping and removing makeup, dirt and pollution. Micelles are derived from non-GMO corn and coconut and are suspended in cucumber infused water

✓ Non-Comedogenic: It won’t clog your pores

✓ pH balanced: At 5 to 5.5 to ensure it is skin friendly and will not disrupt the skin barrier


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