Medela Calma Feeding Device 150ml Bottle
Medela Calma Feeding Device 150ml Bottle $29.95 $22.99
Medela PersonalFit™ Breastshield - M (Size 24mm) 2pc
Medela PersonalFit™ Breastshield - M (Size 24mm) 2pc $28.99 $19.99

Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit

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The Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a complete solution for starting your breastfeeding experience. It contains all the relevant Medela breast pump accessories:

  • With Calma, the baby can drink breast milk while maintaining the natural rhythm, as milk flows only when the baby creates a vacuum by sucking. With Calma, there is no need to buy different flow teats as the baby grows, because babies regulate the flow themselves.
  • The Medela breast milk storage solution is easy and space-saving, with two 150ml breast milk bottles and five Pump & Save breast milk bags.
  • 12 Disposable Nursing Pads with soft, comfortable lining: super absorbent for long-lasting dryness.
  • Natural, hypoallergenic nipple and skin care with PureLan100: 7g of pure lanolin.
  • Quick Clean microwave bag to disinfect in three minutes. Eliminates 99.9 per cent of the most common bacteria and germs.
  • All the accessories you need in the first couple of weeks when you are breastfeeding
  • An easy way to switch from breast to bottle and back with Calma
  • An easy way to collect and store breast milk
  • Natural breast and nipple care


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Medela Calma Feeding Device 150ml Bottle

Calma is an innovative feeding solution designed for breastfed babies. It does not interfere with
$29.95 $22.99
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