This is Dany Mikhail the managing partner at Amal’s Discount Chemist. Dany has special interest in baby care being a father of one and another on the way. He’s your go to pharmacist when you have any questions about bub.


Providing a wide range of healthcare products and expert advice to mum’s, whilst opening communication to a wide variety of ethnic populations through our bi lingual staff.



Dispensary Manager
Introducing our Dispensary manager Khanh Le. With over 10 years in pharmacy, she knows all the ins and outs of pharmacy. Her expertise lies in practitioner health. She speaks Vietnamese
Introducing our third full time pharmacist Gina Chen. Gina has over 10 years pharmacy experience. She is further qualifications to address complicated medication regimens. Yes she's a brain. She also
Introducing our fourth pharmacist Sam. With over 19 years of pharmacy experience he's another brain that's in the pharmacy. He also speaks Arabic
Customer Service
Introducing our longest serving staff member Julie with over 10 years at our store. She knows absolutely everything about Pharmacy. She's the rock of the pharmacy. She also speaks Croatian
Introducing Marie our marketing guru. Marie is another long serving member with Amal's. She's been with us since for 6 years. She specialises in haircare and make-up. She also speaks
Customer Service
Introducing our most experienced staff member Saira with over 40 years experience in pharmacy. She specialises in skin care & haircare as you can tell from her luscious blonde hair
Pharmacist Trainee
Introducing Christina Huang, she's a second year pharmacy student who's also done a nursing degree. She has over 3 years experience in pharmacy. We've got Asian languages covered because she
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