Blog Introduction 

At first, I was a pharmacist married to a pharmacist but now I am a mother to our toddler Isaac and another boy on the way. Within this blog I will be sharing my experiences in pregnancy, motherhood combined with my health knowledge in baby care and motherhood matters.

My 4 years of university training helped give me an understanding of baby care but would never prepare me for the challenges of raising a baby. I have depended on the experiences of friends of mine who are mums to help shed a light when I had no idea what to do next. So I hope to share some of the knowledge I have gained from my unique experiences raising Isaac so far combined with my health care point of view. Hoping that sharing this information with you will help to make your journey through motherhood that little bit easier.

If you’re about to be a mum and carrying your bundle of joy everywhere you go, you are a mum wrestling your toddler at the nappy station, have questions about common baby health issues or a concern about motherhood matters I hope you will find something in here that helps.

So take a look, have a read, share what you like, give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook, and tell me if there is anything else you would like me to talk about.

Signing out,

Sandra #everymumspharmacist